We met „Peaches“ and her ca 4 months old puppies for the first time at the end of July 2020 in Fagaras. She was rescued by Georgiana at a railway station where she had given birth to 7 pups an no doubt the family was in great danger to be killed by trains. When we cleaned their kennel all of them were allowed to stretch their legs an play a little bit and it occurred immediately to me that she has a great loving character the way she played with her pups and never growled at them with lots of patience. One morning we discovered that she escaped from the kennel ...she must have jumped many times against the door so the lock bended open, and seemed to have disappeared in the nearby wood. 2 men from the shelter and myself looked for her and silently I promised her if she would come back to me I would get her the ticket to Germany. After a while she approached me and I was so happy she returned, Calling the men for help, she nearly escaped again when the men came because she was so frightened oft them. She got castrated and travelled with her pups to Pfarrkirchen/Germany. Due to various reasons she stayed in Pfarrkirchen for 4 weeks before i collected her. She was very shy and introverted although our 3 other dogs welcomed her into the family. The first evening it took us more than half an hour to convince her into the house (maybe she never slept in one before?). Every time a male family member entered the room she would run away, on walks she had great difficulties to stay on the pavement when people walked up to her, once I unleashed her she ran way into a corn field because the carabiner was too loud when opened (Frieda lured her out again).

As the weeks go by she becomes more and more a happy family member, with great help of our other strays Pippa, Frieda and Sirius who show her that the life in Germany is challenging -yes – but by no means any comparison to the one she led in Romania. She wags her tail more and more often. She is so playful, especially with Frieda, she loves gentle cuddles, she can take treats from friends ... we still have some way ahead of us but I know it will be a good way for her and for us – we love her dearly.