An helpless mother with her new borned babies were abandoned chained in the backyard by owners who left the country .

The neighbours asked our help . We didn’t had space for them and also was high risk to get the Parvovirus , a virus that is contagious and fatal.

We helped with food , vaccinations…Unfortunately some pups died  when very small and from 5 beautiful puppies 2 were stoled before we went to pick them . The mother was spayed, they are all vaccinated and travel ready .

Mother age : around 3 years old

Puppies age : around 6 months old now .

Gender of the puppies : 2 females and 1 male

Travell ready : YES, fully vaccinated . The females will be spayed .

Size : will be large size when adults

Breed: Mioritic crossed breed

Behaviour : Friendly puppies .The mom is adorable but needs a bit time with new people to trust them .

You could adopt any of them from distance for a monthly support of 35-50 Euro onyour choice and posibility .

For a small donation you could name one of the puppies or mom.