Listed below are our emergency fund raisers, these are the dogs or projects where we desperately need your help, attention and money.

At the moment Georgiana has to rely on a very old, unreliable and too small car. The vet is over 1h drive away from the shelter and on some days Georgiana needs to take several dogs to the vet, which means that at the moment she needs to do the trip multiple times per day. This costs her time which she does not have. Buying a "new" van means that Georgiana would be able to take several dogs to the vet and transport them there all at once - safely.

Your donation is greatly appreciated!

This helpless soul was hit by a car, got trapped in the weeds and left to die on the side of a road. I assume that the coward who hit him, did so with the intention of teaching this poor soul a lesson, to not be on the road. Next to him there was still a piece of plastic from the respective car. 

You couldn't see him from the car. One of the dog handlers came to work on his bike and saw him. He was crying for help.

He was scared and in pain. Georgiana had to come with sedatives. He allowed Georgiana to touch him so she could easily put him in the car with the help of a friend, after they resealed him from the weed.

They went straight to the clinic, where they have received the heartbreaking news that he had broken his spinal cord. The clinic said that he had no chance of walking ever again.

BUT Georgiana has sent the x-rays to a specialist in Bucharest and he gave them an appointment to see if maybe an operation might help him walk again. He is a 35kg dog and if he cannot walk again, the vets have recommended to put him down.

Your support is needed on the way to bring him back to life!

The first examinations were the X-rays. The costs for transport to Bucharest will follow. Then we will know if the operation can be performed. The estimated costs for the operation are very high up to 1200€. Georgiana is starting to collect some estimated costs for his nursing and operation and will change the amount if needed, based on our visit tomorrow to the specialist. If you have any money to spare, please consider helping him - he needs us!

Someone has sent Georgiana a picture of this lovely injured young boy. He had a wire around his neck and a bad open wound on his back leg. He was extremely weak, which is why he couldn't get any anaesthesia to get X-Rayed. He had to stay at the vet for two weeks until he got into better shape, to further investigate his wound. They found out that he had a femoral fracture. He was in a lot of pain and needed to be operated as soon as possible. He is doing much better now, but desperately needs your help. He is about 9-10 months old. It is not sure if he was hit by a car or if he was maltreated by a previous owner (as one of his ears is also partially cut off). If you are interested in helping this young boy please consider donating or even consider becoming his god parent. As he doesn't have a name yet, you could also donate for him and let us know how you would like to name him