Every day, SOS ARMS is called upon to rescue animals from abuse, abandonment, sickness or injury. Whether it’s a street dog or cat in need of life-saving medical treatment or a rescued dog from one of the many kill shelters in Romania, none of it is possible without your support. 

In addition to the rescue, sterilisation, and medical treatment of street animals, 

With no government funding, SOS ARMS operates solely on donations from compassionate animal lovers around the world. 

SOS ARMS runs a shelter with approximately 250 animals. We have a large amount of monthly costs such as food, medical care, electricity, rent, vet costs, etc. Whatever and however much you choose to donate, know that your kind gift will always be used in the most efficient way possible to assist the maximum number of animals. The following pictures are just a caption of where your money would go and how it would be used.




Just a monthly commitment of €1 from YOU would help 250 rescued, abused & orphaned souls now in the care of Georgianas NGO, SOS ARMS, in Romania. PLEASE HELP BY JOINING MY GROUP - 3500 TEAMERS NEEDED! Georgianas monthly expenses are HUGE & impossible to raise alone. €800 RENT, UTILITIES & FUEL. €800 TWO WORKERS - more needed. 2.5 tons of FOOD EVERY MONTH - €1200 low quality or €2400 premium grade quality. Ideally Georgiana would like to mix the two. Essential veterinary fees cost thousands of Euros each month.

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