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Mission and Vision

SOS Arms was founded by Georgiana Neagu in 2017 in response to the critical situation of stray animals in her hometown Fagaras. She started rescuing animals since 2007 and by 2017 she formalized her activity by applying for non profit status. Since the beginning of her activity she rescued more than 2000 stray dogs and found loving and responsible homes for almost all of them. The dogs that are disabled or have lasting psychological damage resulted from abuse they endured prior to coming to Georgiana some were permanently adopted by her and she also managed to find amazing homes or sanctuaries for them .Unfortunately the number of disabled dogs is increasing due to the ignorance and iresponsability of car drivers .

Our Core Beliefs:

  • Save as many as possible. We know we cannot humanely save all, but we try to save as many as possible.

  • It is a human’s duty to protect the animals and not let them live and die unwanted on the streets on in a public shelter kennel. Humans should show that love and good exists.

  • All goals small or big can be achieved through patience. The road to every big adventure starts with the first small step.

How We Help:

  • We contribute directly to effectively and permanently reducing the number of stray animals on a local and national level through massive sterilization campaigns.

  • We find loving and responsible adoptive families for rescued animals

  • We promote and encourage love for all animals and thus preventing maltreatment and cruelty.

  • We regularly visit the public shelters (kill shelters) and investigate how the animals are being treated there in addition to promoting these animals for adoption.

  • We rehabilitate abused and traumatised animals.

Our Dreams:

SOS ARMS believes that no animal should die unwanted, on the streets or in a kennel or in pain. Every animal deserves to get to know the love and good care this planet has to offer. The mission promoted by SOS ARMS is a PROMISE of SAVING MORE LIFEs. As we know we cannot SAVE THEM ALL but at least WE TRY to save as many as possible. Big dreams are built brick by brick. SOS ARMS has the dream to build a decent SHELTER - brick by brick, in order to be able to save more lifes of the stray dogs or the dogs in kill shelters. This will only be possible with TEAMWORK with more kind people worldwide getting involved. Effectively and permanently reducing the number of stray animals locally and nationally through mass sterilization campaigns and the placement of the rescued animals in loving responsible adoptive families in order to solve one of the acute problems faced by communities in Romania today. Promoting and encouraging love for all animals and preventing maltreatment and cruelty to all animals. Combating, by legal means, the cruelty and bad treatment for animals. Promoting the animals rights, opting for euthanasia only in extreme conditions, imposed by incurable diseases that cause suffering to animals. Regular visits in public shelters (killing shelters), investigating animal health and promoting dogs for adoption. Rehabilitation of traumatized and abused animals. See here our current campaigns to reach our dreams.



Happy New Beginnings

This is our favorite part: The happily ever after.

We love to hear from the wonderful people who have adopted our dogs and all about their new lives together. Please email your rescue success story to